Episode 35: Video Games, An Emerald Archer and A Musical, Oh My!

March 26, 2017

Brace yourselves for this one, as you get not one but TWO hours of glorious listening material when The Wonder Siblings reunite this week for The Bats, Bows n' Books Podcast's 35th episode.  So, do you like video games?  Do you know the difference between Link and Zelda?  Do you like DC TV shows?  JRR Tolkien, archers and musicals?  Well, I hope so because Paul and Lisa shoot the poo for two hours about all this and more.  Geekery and laughs are in abundance this week, so get in your comfy zone and get ready to be taken on a podcast "fantasy" 60 frames per second!  And also, if you think Lisa should sit down and watch the B-movie "Killer Klowns From Outer Space", go to the Facebook page for The Bats, Bows n' Books Podcast and leave a comment somewhere on the page saying she should.  She needs to see this movie, but a little help from you all is needed to convince her to watch this film and let it change her life.  Haha!  Take care everyone, and enjoy the show.

Outro Track: "Super Friend" sung by Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist, music by Blake Neely; from the recording "The Flash/Supergirl Crossover Episode - Duet".  The soundtrack is available through iTunes and Watertower Records.

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Episode 34: Finding Our Chi with Marvel’s Iron Fist (Review)

March 21, 2017

My name is Danny Rand.  For 15 years I've been away from home, and considered dead.  Now I'm back to gain back my birthright and...save my company?  Wait, doesn't this sound a bit familiar?  Well, this week's episode will touch up on the similarities and differences between Marvel's Iron Fist and other superhero properties in a *no spoilers* review of the latest Netflix Marvel series.  Also this week, a quick glimpse into what will be coming in the near future for the podcast, and a definition of what I mean when I address the podcast as "we".  So thank you in advance for taking some time to listen to this new episode in the catalogue of entries for The Bats, Bows n' Books Podcast.

Outro track: "Fever" by The Cramps; from the 1980 album "Songs the Lord Taught Us".

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Episode 33: Who Is Who?/Freddy’s Nightmares

March 13, 2017

This week it's almost all "telly talk", and it's almost all retro!  Of course, the CW shows have to have their moment in the spotlight, but after that we take a time travelling trip back to 1988 to visit an old burnt buddy...the Freddy Kruegz!  Back in the year of '88, Lorimar Distribution and New Line Cinema teamed up to give the fans of Freddy their very own horror anthology hosted by the Dream Master himself, and it was a campy fun ride.  Puns, and bad acting and cheers and jeers all around, Freddy's Nightmares would grace TV screens for two full seasons (44 episodes).  In today's episode of The Bats, Bows n' Books Podcast, Paul gives some insight on the show, and the pilot episode titled "No More Mr. Nice Guy".  And to wrap the show up today, a small Tune Time segment highlighting an independent musical act of present day, with a retro touch; VHS Glitch.  So get ready to go for a wondrous journey back in time for an 80s kind of Bats, Bows n' Books episode...

Outro Track: "Until the Last Drop of Blood" by VHS Glitch; from the 2015 release "Halloween Strangers".  https://vhsglitch.bandcamp.com/

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The background music during the Freddy's Nightmares portion of the episode is from the 1990 original NES game "A Nightmare on Elm Street" developed by Rare and distributed by LJN.

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Episode 32: Top 5 DC Animated Films/Remembering Bill

February 27, 2017

Today's episode, Paul rattles off his picks for what he considers to be the Top 5 DC Animated Films to date.  You might think he's right, and you might think he's off his rocker.  But however you feel, this is the list he's granted you with.  (Feel free to tell him he's wrong if you think he's gone cuckoo.)  Also this episode, we remember a handful of the works of the late Bill Paxton.  At 61 years old, he left this world way too early and Paul takes a few minutes to remember this iconic actor for whom we lost.  Also, Paul poses an opportunity to anyone who'd be interested, so make sure to listen to the end in case it would be something that would interest you.

Outro Track: "24 Hours" by The Casket Girls, from their 2016 release "The Night Machines".  (https://graveface.bandcamp.com/album/the-night-machines)

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Rest in Peace Judge Joseph Wapner, Neil Fingleton and Bill Paxton.


Episode 31: Where’s Thea Queen?/Talking About Arrow

February 10, 2017

So this week, just out of the blue, Paul decides he wants to talk about Arrow.  Nothing but Arrow.  Unscripted, unplanned....just rambling about the first of the CW shows; the one that started it all.  So for about 45 minutes that's what Paul did.  And this all came from the top of his head.  And the fact that he's batshit nuts about that show!  So hopefully you'll enjoy this week's small episode that's all about everyone's favourite Emerald Archer, and a certain new "pretty bird" too.  Oh, and....where's Thea?

Outro Track: "1977" by Ana Tijoux

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Episode 30: Magic and Arrows are the Tools of the Trade

February 1, 2017

Justice League Dark.  Arrow.  And Black Siren.  And more.  Lots to talk about.  Gotham and Lucifer Winter Finales.  I hate finales.  But these finales?  What did I think of these ones?  If you really want to know, then press play on your device and allow me (Paul) to open my mouth and pollute your silence with some noise about this and that and all things I feel like talking about this episode.  Along with some recommendations and some good music, I hope you will enjoy this week's "magical" episode of The Bats, Bows n' Books Podcast.

Outro track: "Flood" by TOOL, live from Seattle, Washington circa 1993

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Episode 29: Hellboy III, Star Wars, Breaking Bad and more…

January 24, 2017

After a long enough hiatus from the world of podcasting, The Bats, Bows n' Books Podcast is back!  Today's episode basically manoeuvres through some news regarding the film world, primarily about the possibility of Hellboy III actually happening, and the reveal of Star Wars Episode VIII's title.  Then Paul takes us through a little dance into the TV realm recapping the latest Star Wars Rebels episode, and his final thoughts on the full series of Breaking Bad (now that he has finished watching the whole thing), while concluding the TV talk with a non-spoilery rundown of the Monday night shows from January 23rd.  To bring the episode to a close, Paul share a Tune Time story of one of his all time favourite albums, and the impact it has had on his life, and why it's something he so passionately adores.  The album of topic...?  Well, that's for you to tune in for and find out yourself.  So without any further ado, buckle up and get ready to welcome back, in its 29th episode, The Bats, Bows n' Books Podcast.

Outro track: "Piggy", by Nine Inch Nails; from the 1994 release "The Downward Spiral"

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Thank you for tuning in this week, and my sincerest apologies for being away so long.  I appreciate that you're still here.


Episode 28: Rogue One/Remembering Carrie Fisher

December 31, 2016

The final episode of 2016, and it's a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.  On one hand, you'll get to hear a very positive review (with only a few small spoilers) for "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story", but on the other hand, a moment is taken to remember the royal majesty of the Star Wars universe herself, the late Carrie Fisher.  With Lisa off doing a gaming session with friends, Paul takes the lead on this one and gives a heartfelt monologue reflecting on the past year, and the recent events that have transpired.  So now, presented to you, is the final episode for the year 2016.  Thank you for listening and supporting the podcast.  May you all have a wonderful new year, and hopes for all the best in 2017.  Cheers.

*Some background music featured comes from the original trilogy of Star Wars films, as created by John Williams.  This was done only as a tribute to the passing of Carrie Fisher and Kenny Baker, and no copyright infringement has been intended.

*The "Tune Time" outro track this week is "I Am Found" by the Toronto indie band Anyhowtown.  It can be found on their 1994 release "Wicked", which can be found on iTunes.

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“Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.” - Carrie Fisher (1956-2016)


Episode 27: The Mid-season X-mas Finale

December 16, 2016

Your favourite Wonder Siblings are back again with a whole boatload of holiday cheer, crazy antics and no egg nog!  We swear!  But what we do have is midseason finales, trailers, video games and a few items for a Christmas wish list.  So grab yourself a nice hot cocoa, wrap yourself up in a blanket and enjoy the weird ramblings of the two sibling (not-so) superheroes, Paul and Lisa.  And everyone, have a wonderful holiday season and stay safe.  And if you live in a cold region, be careful outside on the snow and ice.  You definitely don't want to fall and break a leg, or your neck.  So Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Feliz Navidad, Joyous Krampus Nacht or anything else you might celebrate.  Oh but remember, whatever you do....don't get them wet, don't let them into the light (especially sunlight, it'll kill them), and never feed them after midnight.  Take care, and thank you for tuning in.  

**Just a small note: there is one small glitch around the halfway point of the episode where 30-45 seconds of the episode are missing.  I was able to keep the music track in place, but a small bit of the conversation was lost.  My deepest apologies for it was out of my control.

"Tune Time" Outro Track: "Gothic Christmas" by Within Temptation

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Christmas Eve 1988.  Nakatomi Plaza.  Never Forget.


Episode 26: The Flash, Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow Invasion! (feat. The Wonder Siblings)

December 5, 2016

EXTRA!  EXTRA!  Read all about it!  Aliens attacking!  It's an all out INVASION!  And we here, at The Bats, Bows n' Books Podcast, have the latest and up to date headlines, stories and hilarious quotes from this other-worldly event.  And we've got superheroes too!  And do you know what else we've got?  We've got TWO hosts today.

Yes, please welcome back the other half of the Wonder Siblings, Lisa, as she sits down and joins Paul in breaking down last week's phenomenal DC Crossover Event that took place on the CW Network.  And let it be known, you won't find much hating going on in this week's broadcast.  There is nothing but love...and skirts...and cousins...and egotistical group names...and even a fern.

So gather round now, pull up a chair and let Lisa and Paul take you on a journey from Central City, through Star City and into the infinite depths of time and space while they remember back to last week, when the world was invaded by the Dominators.

*sound clips from The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow

*Outro track: "Love Like Lies" by Aesthetic Perfection

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