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October 24, 2017

Episode 50: Blur the Technicolor


We're just one week away from Halloween, so to keep things short and sweet, this week's episode is a little over an hour long of recommendations for some good independent horror films to make the season spookier.  So come along for the ride and enjoy the tricks and treats of this week's episode for The Bats, Bows n' Books Podcast.  Keep it creepy everyone!

Background music this week comes from a variety of sources including soundtrack for the films "The Void", "The Barn", and "Lake Nowhere", as well as some original synth music from artists such as Cluster Buster, DreamReaper and Terrortron.

Outro Track: "Trick or Treat", as recorded by Fastway, from their 1986 release "Trick or Treat", which accompanied the horror film of the same name.

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Thank you for listening this week, and I hope you enjoyed the episode.  Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes, or share with friends and family if you think they would be interested in the podcast.  Thank you again, and have a great week.

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