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May 2, 2017

Episode 37: The Knight is Darker Before the Dawn


Get ready to take a deep dive into the world of Batman: Arkham Knight.  This week's episode Paul revisits the dark city of Gotham and gives his full review on the final game in the Arkham series released by Rocksteady Games in 2015 (not including the recently released Batman Arkham VR).  It's an in depth look at the Next Gen game that was released for the console and PC platforms, and was met with a bit of a mixed reception.  This podcast looks primarily at the Xbox One version, but there is some focus on the PC fiasco as well.  So, pull down your cowls and tighten your capes, as it's time to take a final blow in the almighty world of Gotham City on this week's episode of The Bats, Bows n' Books Podcast.

Outtro track: "Psycho Bitches Outta Hell" by The Horrorpops; from their 2004 release "Hell Yeah!".

Background music for this episode includes multiple tracks from the double volume WaterTower Music soundtrack for "Batman:" Arkham Knight"; recorded by Nick Arundel and David Buckley.

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Thank you so much for listening this week, and please feel free to share this with a friend or loved one, or maybe even a co-worker.  It's you the people who make this podcast worth every second of it, and I'd love to see this get spread around to more awesome listeners.  So thank you again, and have a wonderful week.

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