A Special Presentation: The Pilot Episode for The Nightsiders Podcast

November 28, 2016

This week, I would like to share a special presentation with you all.  Recently I, along with three good friends, started a new podcast which is still currently in its very young stages.  A pilot episode (entitled "Fan Talk") was recorded, and uploaded to Youtube for our peers, family members and many other acquaintances to hear.  Because of its young age, the podcast doesn't have a home...yet.  But as a gift from me to you, I thought I would share that first episode with all of you here, my dear subscribers and followers.  So, sit back and enjoy a roundtable discussion between four guys geeking out about all the things they love and remember...and the Toxic Avenger too.  Guys being guys, and having a laugh with it too.  I hope you enjoy this special presentation.  Take care everyone, and have a great week.

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Contact: nightsiderspodcast@gmail.com


Episode 25: Holy Harleys and Drunken Supergirls!

November 21, 2016

This week, your "greatest Canadian hero" (or the farthest thing from it) takes you on a journey returning to Belle Reve to be reacquainted with the Suicide Squad, along with returning to the original Caped Crusaders of '66 for some much needed laughs.  And somewhere up the way, he enjoys a drink with Kara Danvers, gives a standing ovation for the Green Arrow and recollects old memories with the Joker's main squeeze.  All this, and some flypaper too on this week's far fetched episode of The Bats, Bows n' Books Podcast.

Outro Track: "Holy Flypaper" by Nelson Riddle.

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Episode 24: Grab Bag o’ Goodies

November 8, 2016

Well, well, well.  There is definitely no shortage of things to talk about this week, now is there?  Got all sorts of topics at hand for this episode, including Doctor Strange [spoiler free], Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 3, those wonderful CW DC television shows and wait what..........?  Did you say there's an announcement regarding Young Justice?  Well color me happy, and let's step up to bat with this fine edition of your 'maybe-semi-favourite' podcast, the one...the only...The Bats, Bows n' Books Podcast.

Mid-break track: "Easy Street" by the Collapsible Hearts Club.

"Tune Time" Outro track: "Action Radius" by Junkie XL.

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